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BENEFITS: for builders

Competitive product pricing
Ease of construction
Speed of Construction
Reduced construction costs
Unrestricted architectural

Reduced waste
Easy to train and use unskilled

Reduce risk of injury

BENEFITS: for home owners

Significant energy cost savings
Safety in Hurricanes, Tornados
   and Earthquakes

Superior comfort
Quiet, peaceful environment
Healthier air
Resistance to fire
Resistant to Rot and Pests

BENEFITS: for builders

Competitive product pricing
The Pro Form System EPS cross tie design eliminates the expensive plastic or metal webs used in other ICFs. Manufacturing costs are less and Pro Form Systems passes this on to its customers.

Pro Form Systems sells on the basis of container load prices. This saves distribution and handling costs and this is passed on directly to the customer.
Ease of construction
The light weight of the block, the grid system design, the ease of cutting, ease of forming an arch, curve, ease of installing electric and plumbing are just a few features which make the Pro Form System easy to use.
Speed of construction
The Pro Form System special interlocking and grid design facilitates rapid wall erection. The high strength and quality of the Pro Form System block eliminates time consuming gluing, taping, bracing and allows for rapid filling of the forms with minimal risk of blow out. A recently completed 2000 sq ft home in Sebring, Florida took 11 days from bare ground to complete dry in with roof, windows, etc.
Reduced construction cost
When using other ICF products, overall construction costs are usually higher than when using traditional materials. This is verified in their literature and websites. Pro Form Systems costs less. To understand the technical reasons why, please visit the product features section of our website.  ( See PRODUCT FEATURES )

Builders who use the Pro Form System report significant saving in shell construction costs. This is attributable to many factors such as speed and ease of wall erection, reduced waste, ease and speed of mounting windows, and doors, etc. The larger the structure, the greater the savings will be. Savings are generally in the range of 10%, as high as 30% in multi story. The reduction of waste alone will produce savings.
Unrestricted architectural freedom
Virtually any architectural design can be used with the Pro Form System. Curves, arches, etc. are easier, faster and cheaper to construct.
Reduced waste
Waste is often 10 to 15% of a project cost. With Pro Form System this is reduced to 2 to 3%. Also the job site will be very clean. Because there is minimum need to brace, wood waste is reduced to a minimum. Cutting the block to install plumbing and electric is easy and avoids dust, messy chipping, etc.
Easy to train and use unskilled labor
The best testimonial to the use of unskilled labor comes from Pro Form System in Africa. A group of men and women who could not read, neither write nor had ever built anything before were trained to use the Pro Form System in one day. The home was completely dried in, roof, windows and all, in 14 days.
Reduced risk of injury
The lightweight, ease of cutting and installing greatly reduces the risk of injury. Pro Form System qualifies for lower workman's compensation insurance costs.

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