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    Block Dimensions:                     width   15cm/5.92in   20cm/7.87in   25cm/9.84in   60cm/23.62in
length       120cm/47.25in   120cm/47.25in   120cm/47.25in   40cm/15.75in
height       30cm/11.81in   30cm/11.81in   30cm/11.81in   4cm/1.58in
    Concrete Fill:                           liter/m   58   82   120  
blocks/cu yard       36.9   25.8   17.7  
cu/yards/ft        0.007   0.010   0.146  
    Concrete Core:   7cm/3in   10cm/4in   15cm/6in  
    Insulation:   8cm/3.2in   10cm/4in   10cm/4in  
    R-value* w/concrete   20   26 29  
    *R-value is a measurement of the capacity of a material, such as insulation, to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the     resistance to heat flow.
    Dimensional Stability: In a 120cm length, there may be a +/- variation of approximately 3mm or 1/8in.
    Note: There are 3.875 square feet per block.
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