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1) Rigid EPS cross tie design

2) Unique Rib design for Plaster

3) Equal dimension grid design

4) Engineered locking design

5) High-density EPS specifications

Pro Form Block
Our block design has been improved over the years based upon actual builder experience.
  EPS cross tie design
1) Rigid EPS cross tie design
Pro Form System offers one of the oldest and most proven ICF designs in the market today. Because of the special EPS cross tie design, we can offer the highest quality block at a low price. The Pro Form System EPS cross tie produces a much more rigid form compared to other common plastic or metal cross ties. This is one of the reasons why bracing and shoring is minimized when using the Pro Form System.

The EPS cross tie system is significantly less costly than a plastic or metal cross tie design. Yet once the concrete is poured, both systems produce a very strong monolithic concrete wall. One of the main purposes of a plastic or metal cross tie is to attach dry wall onto the EPS surface. However, furring strips, anchored to the EPS shortly before or after the concrete is poured, makes the drywall application easy and cost efficient. Adhesives are also available for gluing the drywall to the EPS.
2) Unique Rib design for Plaster
Mineral plaster bonds much better to EPS than is commonly believed. However, because the coefficient of expansion and contraction is different for EPS than for plaster, plaster directly applied to EPS may crack over time. This is why a mesh is usually applied over EPS before plastering. The unique rib surface design of Pro Form System helps to compensate for the different expansion and contraction rates and eliminates the need for using mesh.
3) Equal dimension grid design
The Pro Form interlocking system is designed as a two-dimensional 5cm grid. This means that if a block needs to be cut, the spare piece can be used anywhere and will not be wasted. It is very important to note that the block should always cut in the center of the open space between the locking lugs and that a locking lug should never be cut. If the block is cut properly, all widths and lengths will be divisible by 5cm. The grid design allows for easy installation of tees, corners and different widths of Pro Form blocks.
4) Engineered locking designEngineered locking design
The Pro Form System locking mechanism is especially designed for just the right locking tightness. The advantage is that gluing; taping, etc is not necessary. The tight locking system also plays a role, along with the rigid EPS cross tie, to avoid extensive need for bracing.
5) High-density EPS specifications
Pro Form System maintains strict control over the manufacturing process to insure that high-density EPS standards and fusion quality are maintained at all times. This insures excellent locking, consistent sizing, minimum blowouts and breakage during transportation, storage and installation.
  Efficient production insures the highest quality product is produced.
The management and owners of Pro Form System are experts in the installation of EPS production facilities with knowledge of raw materials and manufacturing. This expertise insures that Pro Form System designs are best for the Builder and are also highly compatible with production of the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

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